Digital Innovation Centre

Digital Innovation Centre is a health-tech innovation hub where healthcare professionals collaborates with technology experts and other stakeholders to bring about innovation in the healthcare space. 

Bringing your BIG idea into reality

We help provide environment where your big and innovative health-tech idea is nurtured into reality by providing trainings, mentorship, access to key players and partners in the industry. 

Transforming Medical Education with I-Med

I-Med is an innovative health-tech product currently undergoing developmental stage and promises to transform medical education in Africa.

Partnering with Medflyers and other Stakeholder in the Medical Education industry, I-Med aim to address some of the major hinderances to Medical Education in Africa.

Stand-out from the midst of the crowd

Through strategy development and business planning, your business idea can be able to stand-out in the market. 

Is funding the problem?

Lets empower you with the right knowledge and mentorship on how you can structure your business plan, what needs to be on your pitch deck  that would attract investors into investing in your startups.


We want to help you kick-start your health-tech innovation journey.

Medical Entrepreneurs Ltd or “Medpreneurs” is a business development organization focused on the “Economic Transformation” of the healthcare industry from a “bottom four, to a top three” contributor to Nigeria’s GDP.


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