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Join Our Team

Five great reasons to join us

Contribute to transforming our healthcare industry.

Our vision of the future is a transformed healthcare industry that is a top 3 contributor to Nigeria’s GDP. This would require the rise of strong, intelligent entrepreneurs who can disrupt the status quo. Have you watched the movie “The Men Who Built America?”. We want to be the “Men and Women Who Built Healthcare in Nigeria”. Watch the movie on YouTube it captures the essence of who we want to be.

Faced with these critical challenges, we have to produce the energy the world needs and we have to do it sustainably, in particular by providing effective responses to climate change.

Joining Total means sharing this vision of a responsible energy future, which we are developing with and for people.

Rise to rewarding challenges.

Healthcare is an extraordinary business sector. It is extraordinary because of the human, technological, economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges it faces. To rise to them, we are harnessing Nigeria’s intellectual strength especially of its your healthcare professionals. Joining us means the opportunity to realize your own potential and progress collectively.

Develop your skill as a Medical Entrepreneurs

Our team members  benefit from continuous tailored training throughout their professional journeys in order to enhance their skills and facilitate their career development.

Every year, we invest in top quality training from around the world. In Medical Entrepreneurs, we strive to develop both Character and Competence.

Discover amazing career opportunities.

Enabling our Team members to realize their potential means listening to their aspirations and enabling them to try new, fulfilling experiences.

Because we are a global in perspective, we identify  numerous functional and international opportunities just for  you.We believe your talent can create the future of your dreams.


Enjoy the victory of a high performance team.

We love teamwork! We see ourselves as equals whatever the stage of career from our CEO to the newest and youngest team member. We know no one can succeed alone, that’s why we want you on our team! Why not apply today?



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