Medflyers Africa’s aim at creating Global Leaders and Entrepreneurs form today’s Medical Students and young professionals through students engagement and mentoring.

Engagement with Students

Medflyers Africa engages with medical and other students in the healthcare space to understand their current pain points regards to their Medical Career.

Medflyers have done several Focus group discussions at College of Medicine University of Lagos (Medilag) and will extend it to other medical schools in Nigeria with time.

Medflyers also collaborated with Association of  Medical Students University of Lagos (AMSUL) to sponsor their 2019 symposium.


Medflyers provide mentorship to Medical students and other students in the healthcare space with its Weekly Virtual Program called Future Careers for Healthcare Professionals.

“FUTURE CAREERS, for healthcare professionals” focused on highlighting successful professionals who showcase their professions and share tips and principles on how they built their careers and businesses.

Future career for HCPs has hosted more than 15 successful healthcare professionals and has recorded more than 500 unique participants.


Partnership with Digital Innovation Centre

Medflyers partners with the Digital Innovation Centre together to work on an innovative project called I-MED that would transform the quality of Medical Education in Africa. 

On this project Medflyers worked with Design thinking experts, medical students form both Nigeria and Ghana’s Medical school, Medical Educators and other stake holders in the industry.

Medflyers Ambassadors

Medflyers Africa works with student ambassadors to promotes it program in the various University across Nigeria and Africa.

Interested in becoming an ambassador in your medical school and what you stand to gain? Reach out to us now.


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Medical Entrepreneurs Ltd or “Medpreneurs” is a business development organization focused on the “Economic Transformation” of the healthcare industry from a “bottom four, to a top three” contributor to Nigeria’s GDP.


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